Planning the season

stpolten7031I just signed up for Ironman Austria 70.3 race in St. Polten in the PRO category. This will be my first race in Ironman series, as well as first race at this distance. Last year I raced one ITU middle distance race (3km-80km-20km), which has a similar format to 70.3 series. I think that longer distances suit me better but so far I didn’t want to rush things. Main focus for the next season will stay on olympic distance triathlon but I may add a couple more middle distance races.

I’d like to race a couple of ITU European Cup races but it will depend on my swimming improvement and on my national federation plans for the season (for this type of races national federation makes an application for you). Swimming is currently my weakness so I’m putting mind (and arm) numbing volumes in the pool in order to make it better. Without a good swim you can’t do much in those kind of races.  Currently I’m just upping the volume without much intensity and my times are already going down. With increased intensity after the New Year I should be much faster, but the question is will it be fast enough to be competitive in international races. Anyway, if I don’t make it this year there’s always next.

I had a bit of bad luck yesterday. While riding my bike to work a car cut me off and I ended up with bruised ribs. Luckily, nothing is broken, but it hurts like hell, so I’ll have to pause for a while.

Lastly, I would like to wish happy holidays to all my readers (if I have any :-)).


One thought on “Planning the season

  1. wow great news on the ironman! keep us posted on your training. too bad for the accident…yeah not quite safe riding on the zg streets… happy holidays and a healthy new year 🙂

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