Waterfall near Ljubuski
Waterfall near Ljubuski

As you probably read I got hit by a car almost two weeks ago. At first it didn’t seem serious but the day after the accident I could barely get out of bed. Any kind of movement was painful (as well as smiling, sneezing…). Even thinking about moving was painful. Since then I’ve been feeling better and better every day.

I’ve spent Christmas holidays in my hometown, Ljubuski. It was challenging not to eat to much, as I wasn’t capable for any kind of physical activity. I must admit that I failed at that challenge. It’s hard not to eat when you have food everywhere and you have nothing else to do. Besides that I got used to eat a lot as I was in heavy training before the accident. A week after the accident I felt a lot better and hoped that I could start training again. I didn’t have my bike with me and Ljubuski doesn’t have swimming pool so only thing left was running. After 4 steps I stopped realizing it’s still to early.

Yesterday I came back to Zagreb. Only then I realized how great the climate in Ljubuski is. To bad it doesn’t have a swimming pool. My desire for training was stronger than cold and cloudy weather so I did a short bike ride. After 10 days of inactivity I was happy to find something that I could do without pain. Later that day I went to the pool. I was hoping that I could at least do a kick set, but after 200 m I had to give up. This was probably the most expensive swim of my life (3€ for only 200 m). Today, I planed a similar short ride like yesterday, but I didn’t feel any pain so I prolonged it to 2h.

Many of my friends avoid riding in cold weather. Last two days were pretty cold (-3 and -4C respectively) but I didn’t have any problems riding in that temperatures. Adaptation is the key (although in my case, increase in body fat level over the holidays also helped). People can adopt to any kind of weather. If you don’t believe me take a look at the video below. It’s about people in Oymyakon, the coldest town on earth (-71C).

Happy New Year everyone.


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