Week recap

This week I was slowly getting back on track after 10 days without any kind of training. Rehabilitation is going slower than I tough, so I still couldn’t run or swim. I was reduced to cycling and I cycled a lot. From Tuesday to Sunday I’ve had 14,5 hours in the saddle. Cold weather couldn’t prevent me from cycling as I was eager to finally start training again. We had a little bit of snowfall (2 cm) on Thursday so I rode my MTB on that and the following day. I love snow so it was fun to ride in it.

Few months ago I purchased a new Cannondale System Six with Dura Ace equipment (actually it’s not new as I bought it second hand). Since then we’ve had bad weather and I mostly rode my MTB and didn’t have an opportunity to test my new ride properly. This week that changed. The bike is great. It’s stiff but it absorbs all the bumps in the road which makes the ride much smoother. It’s not just a comfort improvement as you don’t get thrown out of the pedaling rhythm on the bumpy road so easily. I’ve only done easy rides on it but I can feel that it accelerates much better than my old Trek 1500. I’m looking forward to really test it on a harder training day.

Elevation profile
Elevation profile

Yesterdays ride turned to be an epic one. Night before I used MapMyRide.com to map some new routes. Forecast called for a cold day so I tried not to go to high in the hills and mapped a route which had maximum elevation of 250m. Route was mostly flat with one little hill rising 250 m above sea level. When I got to that hill the next day, I realized that MapMyRide probably had some bug issues. That hill was actually much higher. On the last section it was also very steep (either it was steep or I’m completely out of shape) and there was a bit of snow on the road. I was climbing on the north side and there wasn’t much sun. It’s OK for going uphill but going downhill on this side would be unpleasantly cold so I didn’t want to turn around. When I finally got to the top (600m above sea level) I realized that there’s only a gravel road on the other side, so I had to turn around and go back the same way. Downhill section was unpleasant, as I assumed. When I was finally at the bottom I took another route over the same hill. I rode this route once before, but it was probably around two years ago. As I remembered it didn’t go to high. My memory betrayed me, an uphill section was much longer than I thought it will be. This time I got over the hill (also around 600m above sea level) and went down on the sunny side. This may sound like an unpleasant ride but it was actually quite enjoyable (except for that downhill section mentioned before). Seems like I’ve adapted to cold weather riding.

You can see my Sunday’s ride here: http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/croatia/zagreb/697058240221

2 thoughts on “Week recap

  1. hi Andrej, glad to see you back with a vengeance in the eyes!
    14.5 hours in 6 days is not quite “slowly getting back” though! 🙂

  2. 14.5 hours wouldn’t be too much if I managed to train all thee sports and it was probably a bit to much for a single sport. I must admit I got a bit carried away.

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