Winter’s here

polar bear
homeless bear

After a couple years of absence winter is finally here and I certainly hope it’s not here to stay. Last couple of winters were very mild, almost nonexistent. Now, after two weeks of real winter with temperatures normal or slightly below average for this part of the world, media is full of big, sensationalistic headlines about cold, snow and ice. Sensationalism attracts audience so I can understand them, but it’s a bit frustrating when almost everything is presented to you in sensational matter. There were a couple of days with minimum temperatures below -10 C and one with -18 C. So, that is cold, but it’s nowhere near record low of -27 C for Zagreb (and I would like to remark that records were monitored for only last 150 years).
Last week I started swimming. First swim, on Monday was a bit painful. When I jumped in the water my first thought was that I wasted another 3 euros. Despite the initial pain I tried to swim, since I was hoping that a little time in the water will speed up my recovery. Fortunately, my assumption was correct and I felt better as the time passed. Initially I swam like a brick, only the bricks are probably a bit faster, but as the days passed I felt and swam a bit better.
Yesterday (Sunday) I was feeling good enough to give running a shot. It was a good technique workout as I was forced to run with short strides,high frequency and also land softly. Running technique is important but there are other methods to master it, you don’t have to get injured in the first place :-). Today’s run felt much better and now I’ll drift back to my swim-run focused schedule. Hopefully, by the end of the week my rehabilitation will be completed.


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