Getting into the rhythm

As I was hoping last week, my rehabilitation is now completed and I’m back to my old schedule. This week’s number of sessions should be the same as in the pre-pause weeks, but the duration of those is still not as high. Currently I’m struggling because I lost my rhythm. It’s weird how just a slight shift in your daily routine can mess you up. Getting up just half an hour before I used to do this last month makes me tired and sleepy throughout the day. I go to bed earlier too, but that doesn’t help me much. Now, my alarm clock wakes me up when I’m in deep sleep mode and no matter how much sleep I get before that it’s hard to get out of bed. Seems like my biological clock needs more time to readjust.
This past week winter continued to show its face, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. First we had freezing rain, then first real snowfall of the season (15 cm) and then, finally slush and ice. It was very enjojable to run in the fresh snow, but these slush made me realize why some people hate snow. This morning’s run was the worst I had in the past couple of days. Melting snow made the roads wet yesterday and over the night that turned into tiny level of ice. It felt like running on the treadmill. Luckly now it got a lot warmer and by tomorrow all this slush will be gone.


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