To glide or not to glide

I’ve been feeling really good lately. Big swimming volume that I’ve done before the accident really paid off, as I got to the past fitness level only after a week in the pool. Now, I made another step forward (fitness wise). Last year’s race pace turned into base, aerobic pace now. Since I’m still focusing on volume, with mostly low intensity workouts, I can’t wait to see improvements when I start to hit it hard.

Few days ago my coach advised me to cut down glide phase of the stroke. Water is much denser than air and when you don’t move you’ll slow down pretty fast. Last two days I’m trying to put his advice into practice and so far it looks like we’re on to something. I need a couple of strokes more for every pool lenght but also I’m swimming with less effort and most importantly I got faster. I’ve probably eliminated some dead spots in the stroke and also improved my rhythm which is apparently very important in swimming. Since I still haven’t adopted myself  to this modifications I’m expecting much more gains in the coming days. All this made swim training a bit more interesting (it’s always more interesting when you’re improving :)).

Running is still not at the “pre-accident” level, but it’s getting better. Good news is that I’m running faster than this time last year.

This week is another big one and the next one should be a bit lighter. If everything goes well there will be some weekly volume records. Despite that, I’m feeling really good and I manage to recover between training sessions which is very important.


3 thoughts on “To glide or not to glide

  1. Hi Andrej. Saw your blog entry on i2runner and wanted to check it out. Definitely have a good blog. I’ve never done a triathlon but will be doing my first one in June here in the U.S. I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to do one. The swimming will probably be the most disfficult for me since I don’t swim too much until now.

    Anyway, take care. Hope your training is going well and have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Wayne,

    I’m glad you like my blog.
    You have a lot triathlons in U.S. with unproportionally short swim (although many ex swimmers claim that all triathlon events have unproportionally short swim :)), so that shouldn’t be a problem for you.
    Good luck with your training.

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