Last week big part of Croatia was hit by a snowstorm. This is not unusual for this part of the year, but unusual thing was that it snowed in parts of the country that rarely see any snow (in some parts it was 17 years since last snowfall). I found some excellent photos on forum, and we all know that pictures are worth a thousand of words (so below you can see 3000 of them, words not pictures :))

Even my hometown got 25 cm of snow. I always loved snow (I tend to love things that are rare), but this was the first time that I was actually happy it didn’t snow too much in Zagreb (my current residence). There were only a couple of centimeters which made Sunday’s long run a bit slower but also a bit more interesting.

Training is going really well, but there’s nothing spectacular to report. One more week of swim-run, big volume, focus and there will be a switch to more balanced schedule. Can’t wait…


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