Quick update

It’s been a long time since I last posted and a lot happened in this time period. One very sad event striked me about two weeks ago. I’ve spent some time with my family in my hometown and about a week ago I returned to Zagreb and continued with work, training and anything else that I can fit in my daily schedule. Since then I’ve been quite busy in regards to my job as an engineer as well as training wise. That probably helped to get over the bad news but obviously it didn’t do any good to my blog posting (or lack of it). I hope that I’ll update this website more frequently in the future.

xterra wetsuits logo

I have some good news also. Xterra Wetsuits will provide me with wetsuits and speedsuits for the next two seasons. I’m glad that they saw some potential in me and I’m proud to be part of their team. From now on I won’t have to borrow a wetsuit from my coach. I’m also negotiating with few more companies and I’ll inform you if we reach an agreement.

Croatian race calendar is finally out. I’m still not sure in which races I’ll take part since some dates collide with few of my other plans. My first race will probably be Croatian duathlon championship in less than a month and until then I’ll race a few races just for training.

Thanks for reading.


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