Race season in sight

The race season is approaching. I’ve had the best winter (training wise) so far and I hope that all the hard work will pay off. In about three weeks I’ll compete in Croatian sprint duathlon championship. It’s not one of my A races but it will show me where I’m at in comparison to my rivals. So far I’ve done a few cross country races. Yesterday I competed in Croatian regional cross country championship and placed second with 15:40 for 5k. The course is probably a bit short, but the terrain is surly a bit slower than asphalt or track, so it’s hard to estimate my current condition from that result. The guy that beat me runs 15:05 for track 5k and I finished 12s behind, so that should be a good sign. Maybe all those hours spent training were not waste of time after all :).

Besides that I’ve run a couple more cross country races which are held every Thursday. I use them as a good training since it’s easier to push yourself when you have a good company. So far I have 3 wins and a second place on those.

All other training is coming along quite nicely. It’s strange how much outside temperature influences my speed on the bike. I’m always way faster in warmer weather. For instance, this morning I’ve had almost 2 km/h higher average speed on 20-minute tempo intervals compared to last week. The course was identical, there were no wind on booth occasions and the only difference was outside temperature (8C compared to 0C). Let’s hope this will translate in another 6 km/h improvement when it heats up to around 30 C :).


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