Half marathon PB

My first “A” race of the season is approaching. There’s only 10 days left since the start of Ironman Austria 70.3 in St. Polten. I had a little setback in training two weeks ago when I fell off my bike. My weakest discipline, swimming, was most influenced by the fall. This week swimming was painless again (except when going hard J). I managed to pull some decent times in the pool which raised my confidence quite a bit. Also, on Monday I finally received my wetsuit and started with open water swimming, but more on that in my next post.

Last weekend I run a half marathon. The weather was hot (around 27 C) and there were almost no shades on the race course. I haven’t run in temperatures like that for the last 9 months so I was a bit more cautious with my pacing than usual. I finished second with 1:15h. Although I didn’t taper for the race I expected a bit faster time, but given the conditions this wasn’t too bad also.


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