Xterra Vendetta

xterra vendetta
xterra vendetta

As I said in previous post, about 10 days ago I finally received my equipment from Xterra Wetsuits. It arrived just in time to get used to new wetsuit before Ironman Austria 70.3. I got Vendetta wetsuit and Velocity ++ speedsuit. So far I’ve only tried Vendetta and I can say that this suit is great. There’s a big difference between this suit and any other one I swam in before. It offers great flexibility and buoyancy. The only bad point is that in case of the bad swim I can’t blame the suit any more :-). I’m eager to try out Velocity also, but that probably won’t happen until I return from Austria.

The weather made swimming in wetsuit a bit uncomfortable lately. It’s been around 30C for a while now and the water temperature in the lake is already 22C. We have beautiful lake to swim in. Too bad it’s often congested. As you can see from the picture above, we (triathletes and swimmers) have to share it with rowers, surfers, fisherman and sometimes there are sailing boats also. Some of them are beginners so you have to be cautious so you don’t get hit by a paddle or surf board. But, anyway, it’s a lot better than pool.

Here’s some technical stuff about Vendetta from Xterra’s website:

The Vendetta is the most technologically advanced triathlon wetsuit in the world and is our highest-end wetsuit. Once you don this wetsuit, each stroke is pure power and speed.

Made from multiple thin, individually-cut panels, the Vendetta is contoured to the shape of an athlete’s body, allowing you to swim to your full potential. We use the newest Yamamoto #39 & #40 neoprene, fully coated with the slickest possible Nano-SCS, to give you an industry leading 0.02 drag coefficient. All of this while being the most flexible wetsuit ever made.

This anatomical focus also helped us devise the use of X-Air buoyancy Cells — tiny air pockets embedded throughout the front of the suit from neck to ankles allow for maximum buoyancy.  We are the only company to successfully utilize 5.0 mm buoyancy-cell paneling and 8008 liner. The waterproof 8008 liner that doesn’t stick to your skin while you’re swimming is the final combination to providing you with the ultimate in speed.  Buoyancy equals speed, and that’s what you get with the Vendetta.

The Vendetta is designed to be the most buoyant wetsuit on the market. A triathlete’s body in the water creates drag, meaning that each stroke in the water (force) must overcome the drag of your body in order to move forward. Because the Vendetta X-Air front paneling is more buoyant than a wetsuit made with any other neoprene, your body is lifted out of the water even more, thereby reducing your body’s drag. As a reult, less force (less energy) will have you going the same speed, and the same force will have you going faster (increased velocity with the same effort).


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