Velocity ++ speedsuit

In the week prior to St. Polten most of my swims were in the lake as I wanted to practise navigation and get used to my new wetsuit. As the week progressed the weather (and the water) became warmer and swimming in a wetsuit became a bit uncomfortable. That was one of the reasons I decided to try out Velocity ++ speedsuit. The other reason was that I never swam in a speedsuit before and I was wondering if it will make me any faster.

I usually swim the same lap in the lake. Actually it’s not lap but point to point leg. It takes me around 13:00 minutes when I swim that distance in my speedos with easy – moderate intensity. With the wetsuit I’m around 11:30 minutes with the same intensity level. I wasn’t expecting to be much faster in the speedsuit in comparison to speedos, maybe around 20-30 seconds. Once in the suit I felt really great, but that may be due to the rest I had in a couple of days before that. First split was 11:51. I couldn’t believe that I’m almost as fast as in a full wetsuit. I was thinking that may be due to the current (it was a rather windy day), so I was expecting much slower time when I swam in an opposite direction. It turned out that the current wasn’t a factor as I had even faster second split, 11:49 min.

I could probably get a better estimation of suits performance if I swam race pace (compared to easy-moderate), so I might try to fit a test like that in my training schedule. Now I’m even wondering if I should use this suit in short course, draft legal races. It gets off really quickly but then again every second lost in transition can cause the loss of the bike group. On the other hand it could save me much more time in the water. We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “Velocity ++ speedsuit

  1. D2 e)
    For non-wetsuit swims, competitors must wear their ITU approved uniform on the outside. On Olympic Distance races or shorter for all categories, if they wear a second suit, it must be worn underneath the official uniform and cannot be removed during the whole competition.

    Athletes must not use:
    d) Swimsuits made of material not approved by FINA in non-wetsuit events;

  2. So the first rule solved my dilemma :-).

    I’m not sure if it is approved by FINA. It’s similar to fast skin suits but adjusted for open water use.

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