Open water swimming competition

Yesterday I competed in our local open water swim league. These events are held every Sunday on the same course (1500m) so I thought that this is perfect opportunity to test Velocity speedsuit. The plan was to swim one round in the speedsuit and the next one in my speedos. The weather was quite good. It was sunny but there were also some rain clouds not far away. The water temperature was 20C which is ideal for a good swim (I don’t like to swim hard in warm water).

I had an excellent start. Almost without a single contact. After a couple of hundred meters I thought I was leading the race as I couldn’t see no one in front of me. But then I turned to the left and realized that there were a group of swimmers swimming parallel to me, one swimmer was 20 meters in front and there was a girl slightly ahead of the group. I went to the front of the group and tried to get on the girls feet. I managed to do that just before the buoy on the half way point. But she made an acceleration and I got gaped again. She was 10 meters in front of me for the rest of the swim. I thought I got rid of the group but there were one swimmer on my feet and he outsprinted me in the final 50 meters. I couldn’t believe when I took a look at my stopwatch and saw 21:51. It seemed to me that I was swimming fast. Also, I was holding third place for the most of the swim (not to far behind the first) and I know that winning times in this competition are usually in 18-19 minutes range. So I was expecting a time maybe even below 20 minutes. But then again this time everyone swam 30” to 1′ slower than usual (maybe the wind caused some currents that made the swim slower). That girl that was in front of me has pool PB just above 19 minutes and I wasn’t far behind. So, I’m not happy with the result but it was very good training session (considering sore arms and back after the event).

I have some updates regarding my race plans and also some sponsorship updates. More on that in my next post.


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