Race schedule

I’m not sure if I mentioned my future plans on this blog so I’ll try to do it now. My next big race will be ITU long distance world series event in Brasschaat, Belgium. It’s going to be o2 format (double olympic). My goal for the race will be top 15 finish, so I can earn some points for ITU long distance rankings.

The rest of the season will be influenced by the outcome of this race. If I don’t manage to crack top 15, I’ll probably apply for ITU European LD Championship in Prague. That race should have o3 format (tripple olympic). It seems like it’s going to be a quite unattractive race. The bike course is 6 loops, out and back style on the highway. So basically you would ride the 10 km section of the road for 12 times. That’s why I’ll probably skip this one if everything goes well in Brasschaat.

If I manage to get the result I’m hoping for in Belgium I may return again in Belgium for Antwerp 70.3 race in the beginning of August. The course is flat so it should be fast also (I heard there are some cobblestone sections, hopefully not to many). I hope to improve my time from Austria over 70.3 course. I’m not sure if the race will sold out untilΒ  July and also I’m not sure if I would be able to afford another trip to Belgium, so there’s a big question mark over this one.

There are also plenty of races in Austria over half ironman or o2 format and it’s not so expensive to get there so I may consider some races there later in the summer.

The only race that I’m sure I’ll compete in the later part of the season is Croatian middle distance championship on September 20th.

As you can see I’m focusing on middle distance races this year. I’ll try to explain the switch of focus in the middle of preparation period in one of my next posts.


2 thoughts on “Race schedule

  1. What about Podersdorf at 29.8? They have long and half distance as well as a long distance relay. I’ m thinking about a relay (and i’m looking for a swimmer and a runner) if i survive ironman switzerland. however, we could organize a tk zagreb “teambus”.

  2. Hi Matthias.
    I would like to go to Podersdorf. When you find a swimmer and a runner please let me know, so we can register in time.
    Good luck in Switzerland

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