The pools in Germany

When I first heard I’ll have to go to Aachen on a business trip for two weeks the last thing I was concerned about was swimming. Aachen has 6 indoor pools and almost every village around it has it’s own pool. Considering that there are only 3 pools in Zagreb (two 50m and one 25m), and Zagreb has four times more inhabitants I was actually looking forward to swimming in Aachen.

After a week in Germany, I can say that the pools here are great. I mean, they are great if you run out of hot water and want to take a nice warm bath, for anything else they are useless. The problem is they don’t have lane lines. I heard that one pool could have them, so I went there and enquired about that. They said that rumors are correct as there is one lane between 17 and 18 o’clock every Wednesday. So, that’s one lane, for one hour, once a week. Like no one has ever put lane lines in the pool so they are being extra cautious with it.

So, the pools are usually crowded and it’s almost impossible to do swim training there. I hate problems with a simple solution when I can’t do (almost) noting about it. If they just put 2 lines in there and put the sign that those two are for swimming and the rest of the pool is for floating the problem would be solved.

I’ve done a couple training sessions with the local triathlon club. That was quite enjoyable as they have a couple of scheduled sessions in which they have entire pool for themselves. To bad the sessions only last 1 hour and some of them start at times that don’t fit me. Also, there are early morning terms in one pool that are not overcrowded so it’s possible to swim normally there. Only the retired persons here wake up before 6.00  for swimming. Seems like it’s not only in Croatia where the pensioners struggle with insomnia.


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