A couple of run races

I’m on a business trip to Germany at the moment, and I’ll be here for another three weeks. Few weeks ago I was thinking about ending this season after the race in Krk, but when I rested a bit I changed my mind and decided to do a couple of run races. During my time in Germany there will be four big city marathons in Köln, Bruxelles, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Each of this four races has at least 15000 competitors. Köln is already full (and a bit expensive), Amsterdam is on the weekend of my return trip to Croatia, so I’ve left with two options. Since I’ve already been in Bruxelles (although only on the airport) I decided to go to Eindhoven.

Last weekend I went to Duisburg for 10km race. There were several races with more than 3000 competitors. Half of them raced 10 km. I ended up in 6th place, with the time of 33:47. I’m satisfied with the placing, but not with my time. Before the season my goal was to run around 32 minutes this year. On the other hand, surface was mostly gravel, there’s been a couple of sharp turns, some slight uphill sections and probably I wasn’t completely recovered from the race in Krk a week ago (although my legs felt fresh, at least during the warm up), so I should take this result with the grain of salt.

The next race will be half marathon in Eindhoven in two weeks time.

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