Training update

I’m trying to write this post for the past 3 days but I’ve been busy at work and my brain doesn’t function as it should. I can’t put together a couple of sentences in English. That’s why I’ll write this in “bullet” form.

  • I had some lower back pain which limited my run training and some weird forearm pain that made me skip a few swim sessions. Back pain is gone and forearm is almost back to normal now.
  • Swimming was progressing nicely before the holidays. I was out of the pool for one week during the holidays (there are no pools in my hometown) because of which I’ll need a couple of sessions to get back at the pre-holiday level. I had a few decent sessions and then this forearm pain came into play. As said before, the pain is almost gone now and I had a decent 5k session this morning with some zone3 intervals thrown in. I was pleasantly surprised with 5:23 min for 400m on one of those intervals. It felt like I can keep this pace for 2-3k.
  • I’ve mostly been cycling on the trainer because of the darkness (I have to go to work during the daytime). I’m pleased with the power numbers I’ve been seeing lately. Wattage on zone3 intervals is getting very close to zone4 border. Seems like I’ll have to readjust power zones in a couple of weeks.
  • Running is not at the level where I would like it to be, but it should get better when I lose some of that off-season weight.
  • Finis Tempo Trainer is an excellent training tool but it’s a waste of money at the same time. I used it for a month and the its irreplaceable battery is already gone. It’s a bit strange, because it’s a small and simple device. On the other hand those beeps can get a bit annoying so I wont miss it much.

One thought on “Training update

  1. LOL not exactly the front FRONT group for me but some of the boys that swim WITH me are really top swimmers. You’ll notice them this year for sure on the ITU circuit.

    The times are LC for the record 🙂

    My best training regards!
    Thanks for stopping by

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