I’m in a recovery week now and as usual I’m doing some tests to evaluate progress (or lack of it). Yesterday I did 20 min test on the trainer and got encouraging results. Average power was 345W which translates into 4,93 W/kg. The last test was done two months ago and over this period average power went up by 18W. It was interesting to see my heart rate during the test. There were only a couple of times I could bring my HR over 185bpm while cycling. Until yesterday my maximum cycling HR was 189 bpm (my max running HR is 195). During the last 10 minutes of the test HR didn’tΒ  go under 188bmp, and in the last minute I brought it up to 193 bpm.

Here are the numbers:

Average power: 345W (previous test 328W)

cadence: 88 (81)

heart rate: 183 avg/193 max (178/185)

body weight: 70kg (72 kg)

This year I should also get some free watts due to equipment improvements. I’ve made sponsorship agreement with one big cycling company which developed one of the most anticipated TT frames in the current market. Since I’ve been riding a road bike with clip on aerobars last year I guess TT bike will make me a bit faster. More on this in one of my next posts.


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