In my world running and writing seem to be related. The more I run the more writing inspiration I have. Based on frequency of my recent posts you can get a clear picture of my running at the moment.
It all started sometime in December. I was working a lot on flexibility over the winter and seems like I overdid one exercise which caused some uncomfortable pain in groin area. I could still run but the pain influenced my stride which became very asymmetric. This probably caused some lower back pain afterwards. When I finally got rid of back pain I got back into full training too fast and had to deal with some pain in the shin. It didn’t seem too serious and the recovery week was in sight so I decided to ignore the pain for a couple of sessions. This proved to be a big mistake and now, 4 weeks later I’m still not back to running. Let’s hope this works other way around also. If I start writing more maybe I’ll be able to run more.


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