Sprint duathlon Umag

Last weekend I opened my race season with sprint duathlon. This was the most competitive race in Croatia since I follow this sport (last 4 years). We had double world U23 duathlon champion, 4th from duathlon junior worlds, 5th from U23 worlds, 8th from U23 European championships and a couple other very good tri/duathletes.

I had to deal with shin injury trough the most of winter months so my running is not at required level yet. Given injury problems I wasn’t disappointed with 16.30 min for opening 5km run leg. That time put me into 3rd group with two other guys. There were two guys a minute ahead and two more guys 40s in front of us.

The bike course was mostly flat but had many sharp corners. We were not working hard during first of 3 loops so one Swiss guy bridged up to us. From then on the real riding started. It was a bit frustrating at times because some guys were not willing to share the work. We caught second group just before second transition and were 30s down on leading duo at the end of bike leg.

Things started going downhill from there. My calf started cramping at the beginning of second run and by the time the cramp subsided the group was out of reach so I finished in 8th place. Overall, not a bad race until T2. My running is improving from day to day and I’m sure the form will be there for my major races.

The next one will probably be sprint triathlon in Fumane, Italy on May 9th. I would rather race in Venice the week before but I’ll have some company for Fumane trip so it will be a lot cheaper. The race in Venice is also over sprint triathlon distance but it’s non drafting with TT swim start. We’ll see, if I find someone willing to go to Venice…


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