Bled triathlon

bled lake

This past weekend I was in Slovenian Alps for another half-Ironman race (second one in six day span). The race was held in a smal town called Bled on shores of little alpine lake. It was supposed to be another cold race because of 7 o’clock start time. Conditions were a bit better than in Walchsee with air temperature of 12C and water temperature of 18C. Once the sun got up it acctually felt good for a race.

The things went wrong way from the first second of the race. I got tangled into a rope that marked the start line and lost a bit of time but more importantly now I had a wall of people in front of me. After a while I found my way trough the crowd but the group I was supposed to swim with already had a gap. By the time I reached T1 that gap grew to 1.30 min.

The bike course lead us towards another alpine lake called Bohinj. Road goes trough canyon so there was no sun and soon we rode into thick fog. It was a lot colder than on the lake so it took me some time to warm up. Once I got warmed up I caught everybody except for Plese and my teammate Patrcevic. Two of them rode together in the front and managed to increase their lead by another 2 minutes. Since both of them are excellent runners I knew that the only way to catch them is if one of them blows up.

I got into T2 in third place with one more athlete, but he had to serve drafting penalty so I actually had pretty comfortable gap to 4th place. Since I had only six days between two half Ironmans I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that if anything goes wrong it will show on the run. Luckily I felt quite good. Maybe even better than week before. The pace once again felt comfortable and I was running 1.20 half marathon pace until the last 3km when I realised I’ll stay in 3rd so I backed off a bit and finished with 1.22 run. I should work on my mental skills (among other things) and learn to push myself a bit harder.

Overall not a bad race for me. This was my last triathlon for this season. Now I’ll do a couple of duathlons and run races before I start preparations for the next year.


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