12 seconds

Last Sunday I raced half-marathon in Zagreb. My goal was to improve my PB (1.13.50) which was set one year ago in Eindhoven.

I got a bit carried away on the start and went out too fast with the lead group. Splits for first 2k were 3.09 and 3.18. It became obvious I wont be able to hold that pace until the finish line so I let the group go and settled in my own pace, around 3.30 min/km. I was hoping that someone will come by since it’s easier when you have someone around you. A couple of guys went past me in the first 7k but they were holding 3.20’s and that was a bit too fast to stay in their shadow. First 10k were done in 34.14 which was 46s ahead of my PB pace. It became quite hard to hold 3.30’s. The hardest part was between 13k and 18k. We had a bit of a headwind and I lost a lot of time there. Things got a bit better again after the turnaround at 18k. Wind was now blowing in my back and finish line was in sight so I was able to get under 3.30 min/km again. I finished in 10th place with 1.13.38h which is 12s improvement. Not much, but makes me happy.


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