What’s been going on

A lot of things happened lately. I’ve been lazy with updates so I’ll try to catch up briefly.

This year I got a bit of funding from our triathlon federation, so since New Year I started working part time. I still have to be at the office for 30h each week but those 10 extra hours are very handy when it comes to training.

I’ve become a part of team TBB elite development program and now I’m working with Joseph Spindler and Brett Sutton.

Training wise, I had some very good, consistent weeks (except for two of them when I had to deal with some injuries). Up until now the focus was on swimming with 9 swim sessions per week. No breakthroughs occurred but I’m a little bit faster than last year. Swimming takes patience.

I decided to skip the race in Spain, so my first race will be in Austria in May.

In a few weeks I should finally get a TT bike but more on that later. This was the main reason to skip the race in Spain, as I was hoping to get the bike sooner. I’ve been getting a TT bike for a year and a half so I hope this time everything goes well.


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