Marco Polo challenge

KorculaThis past weekend I had a season opener on a beautiful island of Korcula, birthplace of famous explorer Marco Polo. It was the first race of Croatian triathlon cup in sprint distance, draft legal format.

The sea temperature was 18C, so I had a chance to test my new sailfish G-Range. I wanted to avoid too much fighting so I positioned myself towards the back of the first bigger group. Half way trough the swim I noticed the competitor in front of me lost touch with the group so I went around him and tried to close the gap. I failed to do so and entered T1 with 18s gap.

It was a costly mistake since this was a draft legal race. The lead group of 4 formed at the front and I was alone not far behind. I kept the gap at around 20-30s but couldn’t bridge up. So close, yet so far away. I almost got them in the last few kilometers and got to T2 only 10s behind.

I passed one guy on the run to finish in 4th. The other three were too fast for me on this day.

Results can be seen here: link

My next race is tomorrow in Austria. It’s half-Ironman distance race where I placed second last year. We’ll see if I can improve on that :-).


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