Challenge Kraichgau

Ten days ago I raced Challenge Kraichgau half-Ironman distance race. It’s a bit strange to write about a race with such a delay. I already forgot many things which is actually not so bad considering how the race went.

Swim start was quite rough. Once I got out of the mess I noticed a group about 20m in front of me. I went hard and managed to close the gap by the first turn buoy. Sebastian Kienle was right beside me so I knew I was in a good position.

I passed a lot of people in the first few kilometers on the bike. German guy Marc Dulsen stuck with me and we passed some more people. Around half way point we caught Luke Dragstra and somewhere around that point Dulsen got away but we kept him in sight. In the later stages of the ride we caught Horst Reichelt and Jimmy Johnsen. I had no idea about my position at that point but I was surrounded with some very good triathletes so I assumed I was doing well.

The run has been going well recently and I was eager to show it on the race day. I felt very good leaving T2, but that only lasted for 1k. Stomach cramp slowed me down to a jog. Not the kind of cramp that forces you to go to toilet but the one that limits your breathing. I was hoping it will go away and I’ll get back into the race but it never did. Quitting was not an option because I planed to go to Switzerland after the race and I counted on finisher shirt when I packed my stuff for the trip :-).

At the end I crossed the line in 13th place. Not the result I was hoping for but I’ll have plenty of chances this year to redeem myself.


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