They call it the land of thousand lakes. According to Wikipedia Finland has 187,888 lakes and 179,584 islands. Looking from the air it looks like mother nature couldn’t decide if this part of the world should be water or land.

tampere area
water or land

The hotel was interesting as it didn’t have a reception. It proved to be a good concept. You make a reservation and payment online and they send you room number and door code. Door code is valid from 16h on your arrival date until 12h on the day of departure. This enables them to run a bit cheaper. Actually it can be a lot cheaper if you’re traveling with a company. Prices are per room and not per person and each room has enough space for 4 persons.

The downside was that Tampere has a rich night life and my hotel turned out to be in the heart of the action. Not something you’re looking for before a race.

The nature is beautiful. I only had a few hours after the race to explore it and this is what I saw:



sandy beach in finland?
looking back at the city

2 thoughts on “Finland

  1. Hello Andrej,

    It looks really nice. It was a very good idea to read such a “report” as well. 🙂

    Something else:
    I have just been told that my fellow countryman, Gyula Kis will be also racing in Challenge Barcelona in this year.
    So after the half-distance race in Graz in this spring, there is a further race promising a great duel of you, Patrcevic and Kis. …at long distance this time. 🙂
    I am very much looking forward to seeing it. Good athletes, good race.


  2. Hi Janos

    I saw Gyula on a start list for Tampere, but he probably changed his mind about that one.
    It should be a good race in Barcelona, I’m looking forward to it as well

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