Offseason went by quickly. As usual, as soon as I realized what could I do with the extra time it was time to get back to training.

At the beginning of the month I spent a few days in my hometown on the south. The weather is great down there. Sunny with 20-24C and even the sea temperature still hovers around 20C. Quite a bit different from grey weather in Zagreb. At least it’s not too cold so I’m trying to do some longer rides outside while I still can.

I started to increase my pool time. Since swimming is still my weakest discipline I’ll have to spend another winter smelling of chlorine.

The injury that forced me to DNF in Barcelona is almost healed, but because of that “almost” my runs are still short and rare.

I’ve also started to plan my race schedule for the next season. I’d like to spread out my season a little bit and do 3 Ironman distance races. It’s not easy to do it within Europe and traveling overseas might be out of my budget so we’ll see.

Here’s how autumn looks on the south of Croatia:

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