Those who read this blog during the summer know that I had some issues with race nutrition early in the season. In previous years I always consumed too few calories during races, but the races were too short to really pay for it. I planned an Ironman this season so I knew I had to change that.

First few races served as a test for Challenge Roth. I took products that I used before but in much higher quantities. I experienced some stomach cramps during the run in Graz (Austrian 1/2 Iron), but they didn’t slow me down much and I thought hard bike ride was the cause.

Cramps got back on the run in Challenge Kraichgau, but this time they were much worse and I was forced into a jog. My coach suggested the cause could be my race nutrition and suggested I try Sponser products. Turns out he was right and I had no issues for remainder of the season.

One of team TBB’s main principles is not to change what works. That’s why I’m glad to announce Sponser will support me next season. You can read more about them and their products here.





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