Chasing the sun

The sun is gone and we probably won’t see much of it until spring in this part of the world. While I was growing up in the sunny south I never realized why are people living in continental part of the country so happy when the forecast calls for a bit of sun. After my first winter here I got an answer. Fog sets in around November and there’s not much sun until March. Besides the fog, last week the weather got a lot colder as well. That’s why I decided to use mountain bike for my training rides during weekend. Hoping I’ll see some sun if I go high enough I went riding in the hills.

For a long time it looked like this

But thenΒ the sky changed its colour

It was -3C at the bottom and +7C at the top (1000m above see level)

After some riding above clouds it was time to head back into this

I don’t know who placed the concept of heaven somewhere above the clouds, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that person lived in a place like this.


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