Trainer riding and the theory of relativity

He rode so hard he made the evolution go backwards

A lot of people complain the time is going by too fast. I may have a solution for them.

They should start riding on a trainer.

Time slows down considerably while on a trainer. If I have a stopwatch at my hand I can clearly recognize every hundredths digit and watching a movie seems like watching a slide show.

Time slows down even further with the increase of intensity. Perhaps there’s an intensity at which time stops or it starts going backwards. I haven’t ridden so hard yet. Who knows, maybe one day I start training at 5 pm and finish at 3 pm the same day.

If time runs slower maybe riding the trainer can slow down aging? Or it could have the opposite effect as every 1,5h seems like 15h?

Maybe Einstein rode the trainer?




2 thoughts on “Trainer riding and the theory of relativity

  1. Hi Andrej,

    you are so absolutely right about riding on a home trainer. πŸ™‚
    I watch triathlon videos (also good for maintaining motivation) or a really excited movie to make time pass quicker.

    I wish you successfull winter training period as well as happy Christmas holidays and New Year.

    Kind regards,

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