Short update

With the begin of New Year training has gotten a bit more serious. For now I’m spending most of my training time in the pool. I have almost 160k of swimming this year with a lot of intensity. Unfortunately the only result so far increased fatigue. This year I’m swimming less with paddles and instead of that I have some longer butterfly sets once per week. Until one month ago I never swam more than 50m butterfly in one piece and last week I did 2x500m.

Almost all bike rides have been on the trainer. I could classify them by the number of towels I need for a session. There have been 2 sessions with three towels, one with two and one with one towel per week. Looking at the weather forecast I think I’ll stay on the trainer for a little longer. On a positive side there’s only one month of winter left.

Running has been limited because of knee injury. Once the pain withdrew the other knee started hurting at the same place. I tried to find the cause and checked seat height on all my bikes. Apparently, seat was a couple of centimeters to low on my MTB. I use it mostly for commuting so I never paid attention to it. But those commutes can add up to 130km per week, so it’s not insignificant. Fortunately, booth knees are fine now and I’m getting back into full training.

I don’t have race schedule yet. I have to decide if I’ll buy Ironman PRO licence or race other races.


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