As a kid I was a big snow lover. Now, I got a bit older but I still love snow. In my hometown we would rarely get any. In most years it would fall once or twice per season and highest depth I ever measured in my 19 years of living there was 17cm.

I’m living in Zagreb now, where snow is a common thing. We had a strange winter this year and first snowfall happened this weekend. There’s about 5 cm here. But my hometown, down south, had biggest snowfall since ice age 10,000 years ago. In two days they got around 70-90 cm, and some villages have even more. That’s official depth, in shaded areas. All this time the wind was blowing and there are snowdrifts 2-3 m high.

Here are some photos

the roof didn't make it


dude, where's my car

traffic sign

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