Race schedule

There are still plenty of question marks about my race season but I have rough schedule now.

I planned to go to training camp to Gran Canaria with German part of team TBB and then do Challenge Fuerteventura as a season opener. Seems like that’s not going to happen. We’ll have the training camp either in south France or in Istria, here in Croatia. It’s too expensive to go to Fuerteventura just for a race so I’ll have to pick another one. Italians have their national championship at half-Ironman distance on May 1st and that’s one of the options.

At the end of May I’ll probably do TriStar race in Split.

After that I planned two Challenge races in Germany that I did last year, Kraichgau and Roth. Few days ago I heard the news that ETU and Challenge reached an agreement and booth races will also be ETU European Championship races. That will probably make professional race even more competitive. It won’t change age group race as booth races have been sold out. This could mean that ITU is going to abandon their O2 and O3 formats and recognize Ironman and half-Ironman as official distances.

After Roth I’ll probably do one of the hardest Ironman distance races on the planet, Embrunman. The bike course is a little longer than usual 180km and has 5000m of ascent. This race deserves another post.

Embrunman bike course profile

The rest of the season depends on the outcome of the first part. I may go overseas to do a late season Ironman in US. We’ll see…



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