Training camp

First week of training camp is already behind me. Since the weather got better Team TBB Germany decided to have the training camp in their headquarters in Bad Tölz. The weather didn’t look so good on my first day here (it was snowing), but then it got a lot better.
I’m already getting famous here. After only 5 days I was featured in two blogs on team TBB website and in local newspapers. Unfortunately that was not because of my good looks or because I’m so smart. It’s always easier to get in the media through the bad news and that was the case this time.
On Thursday afternoon me, my coach Joseph and Yves had another 30’/30’/30′ (medium/moderate/mad) bike session. At the beginning everybody was making excuses about their heavy legs, but sometimes when that’s the case you end up riding faster. Probably so you can get into a bed sooner. That was certainly the case this time. We were having an excellent ride and just as we were about to enter the „mad“ interval a black car entered the road from the side street and stopped half way into the crossing. I managed to avoid it but then I heard the sound of carbon hitting the road behind me. Never a pleasant sound to hear.
First thought after I saw them on the ground was: „Get up guys, we have to finish this before it get’s dark“. But after a couple of seconds I wasn’t thinking about training any more. Booth of them didn’t look like they are in a hurry to get up. A lot of people gathered around, the police came and then also the ambulance that took them to the hospital. I called Diana and we packed the bikes and went to the hospital. Fortunately booth of them avoided serious injuries.
Later, when we were driving back from the hospital I realized how lucky I was. Certainly I was lucky to avoid the crash, but I also forgot to buy travel insurance that covers medical costs when I’m abroad. If something happened to me and they took me to the hospital I think I’d have to tell them to shoot me. Those medical bills can be huge if you don’t have insurance. I bought it online that night.

my leg fell off and we had to glue it together

Anyhow, second week of the camp is under way. Training is going well. I had a niggle in my leg that forced me to cut short a couple of runs, but seems like that’s gone now and I can run normally again.

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