Once again I did all the hard work, reached taper and then things went south. Last year before Challenge Barcelona it was foot injury, this time Hantavirus. I’ve spent two weeks in bed and 9 days in hospital bed. I got out of the hospital yesterday.

Seems like I was lucky as this virus can do much more damage. Now I feel normal again but I have to avoid hard efforts for another week. Then I’ll have a control test and if that goes well I’ll be officially healthy.

I’ll need about 4 weeks to get my fitness back. I had to skip Salzkammergut and Kraichgau and now I’ll have to cancel Roth as well. There’s not enough time to get back to 100% so it’s better to save myself for some race a bit later in the year. I’m still not sure which race it’ll be. Maybe ITU long distance World Championship in Vitoria or some Challenge event in August.

I’m not disappointed. Who knows, maybe this happened for a reason. It may look negative now but maybe it turns into something positive at the end. Maybe this forced rest enables me to execute great training block and maybe I’ll have better chance to have a good result in let’s say Vitoria than in Kraichgau or Roth.

Time will tell…


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