ITU LD World Championship

Tonight I’ll travel to Spain for my first important race of the season. Basque town of Vitoria Gasteiz will be hosting ITU Long Distance World Championship. I was there two years ago when they organized European Championship. That year a lot of things went wrong in the days leading to the race but I managed to have my best race until then and finished in 8th place.

Things are not running smoothly this year either. This race was not even in my schedule until some sick mouse decided to alter my race plans. On the bright side I’ve been feeling normal for the last few weeks. So, I’m not sure what to expect. Maybe I’ll surprise with a good result or maybe I need a few more weeks to get my fitness back.

Competition will be tough with (among others) Cunnama, Llanos, Bockel, Sudrie and Macca racing.

Start is on Sunday morning and the race can be tracked online (video + live splits) on this link:Β


2 thoughts on “ITU LD World Championship

  1. I finished in 18th place. Normally I wouldn’t be happy but in June I got sick and it obviously takes some time to fully recover. I spent 9 days in hospital (+ 5 days in bed at home) and when they let me go from hospital my iron was very low. Considering this the result was ok.
    Things are getting better now and I hope it will be a different story in Vichy.
    I’ll write a report this week.
    Thank you for well wishes

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