Off-season racing

This winter I plan to do some low-key races to break up training monotony.

Two weeks ago I did off-road duathlon. That was my first MTB race and it was fun. Too bad the weather was dry and there was no mud. Next weekend is another race of this series and this time the weather should make things a bit more interesting.


few pics:

Yesterday I competed in an uphill run race. This is a series of races and takes place every Sunday until the end of February. There are two options, road and trail. Road version is 9,2 km long and has 691m of ascent. Trail version is shorter (5,5 km) but also much steeper (12,5 % average grade). I competed in road version and took the win. My time was fastest one in the last 5 years and it put me in 5th place in all time list. I hope I’ll be able to do this races consistently which would mean I’d survive cold period uninjured. This was never the case in previous years so I hope this year will be an exception.



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