Win some, lose some

Past Sunday was the last leg of uphill run race which is for me one of the heralds of spring. Although this time the weather didn’t indicate that.

Last leg is also club championship for the club that’s the organizer so the race gets a bit more competitive. This time all 3 of us that went sub 44 minutes this season were on the start line (one more guy joined us this Sunday). I had doubts whether to start fast and try to crush my PB or to start conservative and try do have a negative split. First option carries a risk of crushing your legs before the finish line. Not a pleasant thought, even more unpleasant feeling when it actually happens. One of the guys helped me to decide as he went hard from the start and I went after him.



Once he slowed down a bit I went to the front and 10 minutes into the race I was alone. There was only my stopwatch to keep me company. I wanted to beat my PB (43:17 min) and try to sneak in under 43 minutes. At 6km I was 33 seconds below my target time and held good pace until the last 200m when things went downhill (figuratively and literally). That part is very steep and was covered in ice and snow. I lost heaps of time there and finished in 43:19 min. So, neither a sub43 neither a PB. At least I won most competitive race this year. Three of us went sub 44 minutes. This series is held for 10 years and this happened only once before.

sub44 club
sub44 club



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