Race schedule ’13

Here’s a provisional race schedule for this year:

Main goal for this year is to prolong the stipend I get from my national federation. To do so I need to place in top6 at European Championships or in top8 at World Championship. There’s one more option through ITU long distance rankings, but I’d like to secure the stipend directly.

I’ll also go back to Roth where I had my best race so far in 2011. There’s a lot of races to choose from at the moment which is good but has its downside as well. It’s not easy to prove yourself with all those races going on. Roth and Frankfurt are probably the only races in Europe in which good result gets noticed.

Porec triathlon is a new race in which I’d like to take part but it’s not long after Vichy so I still have to make final decision about that one. It would be good to prolong the season a little bit. Race options in Europe are limited to Challenge Barcelona which is also not long after Vichy. I don’t have the budget to race on other continents, but who knows, maybe I start earning some prize money by autumn.


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