Challenge Barcelona preview

On Sunday I’ll have my first major race of the season, Challenge-half Barcelona. This race will be ITU European Championship at half-ironman distance. Usually, I prefer longer races. Half-ironmans look more and more like olympic distance triathlons. The pack forms on the swim and weaker cyclists can stay with the pack untill the run (some legally some not). Ironman, on the other hand, is long enough to break the packs or to kill the run legs of weaker cyclists who try to stay with the pack at any cost. This time it could be different asΒ the bike course will be quite hilly.

race suit is ready
race suit is ready

When I first started I was always looking forward to the first race of the season as it usually showed big performance improvement from the previous year. Nothing unusual as the improvement curve is quite steep in the beginning. Now, it’s much harder to get any kind of improvement, but still, that optimism before the first big race of the season is still there. Maybe this could be my year. Maybe this could be a breakthrough race…

new wheels are also ready
new wheels are also ready

This time that optimism is not ungrounded. I spent the winter without injuries, managed to do some sessions that I couldn’t do before and the biggest difference is that I could recover in time to repeat similar session the next day. Few years ago Sutto told me that I’ll need few years to get the body to a point from where it can absorb the real training. As usual, he was right. Success in endurance sport requires time. No wonder they say that behind every overnight success lies 10 years of hard work.

So, maybe it’s time for a breakthrough race. We’ll see…

The race will be broadcasted live on the race website.


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