Roth – preview

999056_10152045654454278_1217726019_n This weekend I’ll compete in Challenge Roth. My best race to date is from Roth, two years ago. Back then I finished 6th in my ironman distance debut with a time of 8:19h. That result made me the fastest Croatian over ironman distance, but I lost that title 5 weeks after when Dejan went even faster in Copenhagen. I was back in Roth last year but illness forced me into a spectator role. 20x30-CRRAG0040 Two years is a lot of time so I hope to have a new best race in my resume after this weekend. The race in Barcelona showed that I made some progress and now it’s time to verify that progress with a race result. 1013919_10152012187769278_1991570741_n


3 thoughts on “Roth – preview

  1. Good luck Andrej !
    If I see nΒ°20, I’ll shout at you to support you πŸ˜‰
    (if you see 1077, it’ll be me)

  2. Thanks Andrej. This was once again a great sunny day and a fantastic event. I’m looking forward to reading your report.

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