After a battle, general was walking through the battle field to see wounded soldiers. He came upon a soldier with a spear pierced into his chest, but still alive. General asked:

– Do you feel any pain?

To which soldier replied:

– Only while laughing.

That’s how it goes with injured ribs. It hurts while laughing, coughing, rolling in bed and most importantly while swimming and running. In case someone missed it, I had a traffic accident on a return trip from Porec triathlon a week ago. Luckily, I got out only with bruised ribs. Not a big problem unless you want to race shortly thereafter.Β And that’s exactly what I planned to do.


Challenge Barcelona was supposed to be my last race of the season and I wanted to close this great season with another good race. However, considering the course of events, maybe I already had my last race of the season in Porec.

Only thing I know for sure is that I’ll be on the beach in Callela on Sunday morning. What I’m still not sure about is whether I’ll be there as a competitor or as a spectator. Ribs are getting better each day and there are still a few days left, so I hope everything will be good by the race day.


2 thoughts on “Barcelona?

  1. Last month, I thought I had an injured rib because it really hurted while moving in bed or breathing deep or laughing… I was prepared not to run for a while but then I visited my osteopath and he made wonders because it was just a contracted muscle in my chest that was pressing nerves. Hope it’s similar for you…

  2. I went to see a doctor this morning. In my case it’s just a bruised rib. However he adjusted some bones (where ribs connect to the back), there was a “click” and it hurts a bit less now.

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