A holiday after all

So my trip to Barcelona turned out to be a holiday trip. One week before the race I did my first “run” after the accident. If you can call 20’ at 6:30 min/km a run. On Wednesday I run for the second time and it went much better. However, 20’ at 4:55 pace didn’t look promising.

Swimming was not going much better. I swam almost everyday to speed up the recovery. But all those swims were short, slow and painful. On Wednesday I had first swim that looked like a real session. Still, condition improved everyday, I did everything I could to speed up the recovery and I was quite optimistic before the race. Maybe that optimism is the reason for disappointment when reality kicked in later in the race.

Usually, one of the goals is to beat my start number
Usually, one of the goals is to beat my start number

I swam slower than usual but I still had a solid position in T1. Cigana, Lowe and Swoboda were with me in the group and later they caught the group. The swim drained me and I needed some time to recover so I lost touch already in transition.

I rode alone for entire 180km. Bachor was alone in the front and behind him a large group of 15-20 competitors formed. Gap was growing and when i reached T2 I was more than 10 minutes behind the group. Ribs were painful and after 2km I decided to quit. If I was in the group I would fight longer but still I don’t think I could finish the race in this condition.

Now it’s time for a short rest and then I’ll start to think about the next season.


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