2013 in kilometers

In regards to training the year is already over and here’s how much kilometers I managed to fit in this, soon to be past, year.

kilometriThe numbers on the bike would be a bit higher if I logged mileage on the trainer and not only time. There’s also about 3,000 km of commuting through the city on my MTB but I don’t count that as training. Everything considered I’ve covered about twice as many kilometers on the bike than in a car.

Happy New Year.



2 thoughts on “2013 in kilometers

  1. Sis-See response to Smartypants cousin on my blog.And, while I don’t need a root cellar dug, I’m sure we can find someting for you to do while I teach your children how to milk the goat and the hubbys shoot their feet off with shot guns… Like gathering medicinal herbs pehaps?

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