I’ve raced two times in the past two weeks. First one was Challenge Rimini where I finished 14th. The field was stacked, but still, that was not the result I was expecting.


Hoping that Rimini was just a case of bad legs I lined up at Ironman 70.3 Barcelona one week later. The course was the same as last year and only thing that has changed was the name of the race.

Last year I finished in 4:20:51h*, this year in 4:20:14h. Last year I was delighted with my performance, this year not so much. A lot of things changed in the meantime. At the start of the year I got a chance to fully focus on triathlon and as a consequence my expectations rose. What didn’t change is that nothing in this sport happens over night. Sometimes you need many nights to see improvements and 5 months is not a lot of time in endurance sport terms. So, now I look at this as yet another lesson in patience. I’m sure the work I’ve done will materialise in races sooner or later. Let’s hope it will be sooner rather then later :).

* I was later disqualified because I didn’t serve 15s penalty for stepping on the line in T2 (I wasn’t aware that I got a penalty)

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