Roth preview


In the last few years the highlight of the first part of my season was Challenge Roth and this year won’t be an exception. I’ve had my ironman distance debut there in 2011. Six months earlier I went from full-time to part-time job (30h/week) and started working with Jo as my coach. I was fit, but wasn’t sure if that will be enough to have a good result at this distance.

Even though the distance was new to me I still had some expectations. My expectations are usually quite high, so it’s not easy to meet them. This was one of those rare occasions that I managed to exceed them. I had a great race and finished in 6th spot in 8:19h. Only 1 minute behind 4th place and 3 minutes away from a spot on the podium with a time that was new Croatian iron distance record. Things can only get better from here, I thought.

Things did get better, but it took much more time than I anticipated. It wasn’t until last year that I managed to put together better race than that one.

This year Roth is celebrating its 30th anniversary and the field will be exceptionally strong. That makes me much more relaxed going into the race as I feel there’s not much to lose. I don’t think many people expect that I’ll do well in field this strong.

My PR at ironman distance is getting a bit old as it’s still the one I’ve set at my debut in 2011. If the weather allows I’d like to have a crack at it and maybe even get Croatian record again which is now 8:12h.

Training went well, I’m much better athlete than 3 years ago and maybe it’s time to exceed some expectations again :).


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