Like last year, I’ve escaped cold winter months of continental Europe and went to Mallorca to prepare for the season. Our team is based in Felanitx in south east part of the island. Many claim this to be the nicest part of Mallorca and after cycling through almost all of the island, I have to agree with that claim.

With my training partner Markus HΓΆrmann

This year we rented a house. We don’t have internet at home so I could use that as an excuse for the lack of updates. No TV, no internet, no distractions, only training. (Half)joking aside, there are plenty of cafes nearby that serve excellent coffee and have a good internet connection so we were not that much disconnected from the virtual world. The only problem is that 200m walk after a long day in the office can seem like 20km.

There's usually some artwork along coffee

In the early February the weather was quite cold for this part of the world. I can’t remember I saw any snow last year and this time Tramuntana mountains were covered with white stuff. I heard claims that there was more than 2 meters of snow at Puig Major, the highest peak of the island. Fortunatelly, there was no snow in lower parts and after one week it got much warmer. From mid February it was possible to ride in short sleeves. At least that was the case for me. British people rode in short sleeves even in the coldest part of the month and locals have 3-4 layers on even if it’s 20 degrees.

Unusual sight here

There are probably not plenty of places as good for winter training as Mallorca. There’s a nice 25m pool in Felanitx that’s half-empty most of the time and 50m outside pool in Colonia St. Jordi that we used a couple of times to get used to swimming in wetsuits. There’s very little traffic in this part of the year and the road surface is great. Terrain is suitable for all kinds of riding. There are plenty of options if you want to ride on the flats. Tramuntana mountains are 40 km away and we also have our local hill, San Salvador, at our doorstep. There is plenty of options for running as well. I put these, perfect conditions to good use and did very good 6 week training block. It looks like I’m in the best shape so far, but let’s wait and see how that transfers to race performances.


I’ve been here since the start of February and it’s almost time to leave. At the end of this week I’ll return to Zagreb for a few days and then fly to South Africa for my first race of the season. Time went so fast and I still struggle with the thought that the race season is just around the corner. This will be the first year that Ironman South Africa got continental championship status and 4,000 KPR points. Along with points and increased prize money comes very deep and strong pro field. There are 50 male pros on the start list with many well known names. My goal is the same as for every race. To give my best and see where that puts me in results list. As said before, training went really well and I’m in a great shape, so I hope to start the season on a high note.


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