Korčula triathlon

Until few days ago, it has been 2 years since I raced a draft-legal race. Last one was on island of Korčula in southern part of Croatia. Past Saturday I was back to the same spot to break this streak. Korčula is a really nice place for a race and it’s a shame that there were not more competitors. Race lacks quantity, but with very good prize money it attracts quality. Almost all our best triathletes were competing as well as some strong names from surrounding countries.


I was confident that my improved swim will put me in a nice position in T1. However, sometimes it happens that when I want to swim fast I start with too high stroke rate and go in red too quickly. For me it’s faster when I try to swim at 95% effort. This time I forgot that and paid for it.

I swam alone and during the swim I thought I’m in between first and second group. The shock came on the bike turnaround. First group of 4 guys was more than 2 minutes in front of me. Roughly, double as much as I was hoping. Bigger shock came when I saw that the second group with 5 guys was also in front of me. I realized that I won’t have memorable result but still wanted to make the most out of the situation. It’s far from ideal to ride alone in a draft-legal race. I rode relatively well and lost less than 30s to the front group and even gained around 45s on the second group.


I entered T2 not much after second group. Run pace felt quite easy but I couldn’t pick it up. That usually happens in the first few races of the season. I managed to pass 3 guys and finished in 7th spot. Not the result I was hoping for but in 3 weeks I have a chance to redeem myself at Croatian championships in olympic distance.



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