Croatian championship olympic distance

I raced two times during the past weekend. On Saturday I had national championships in olympic distance triathlon, and on the next day team-relay championships.

Swim is crucial in draft-legal events and this time I swam well. I got out of water in second group, 1:40 min behind the lead group of four. It’s a bit funny as this time I started at what felt much easier intensity and swam much better than in my last race. I’m faster when I swim at 90% intensity than when swimming at 100%.


We worked well on the bike and after 10km we caught all swim escapees. I did a few attacks hoping that one or two stronger cyclists could join me, or that I could maybe go solo. All my attempts were marked and I decided to wait for the run. Those attacks reduced the size of our group but all main contenders were still there.

After rusty transition I had to make up some time. I hit the front about 1km into the run. One kilometer later I only had Italian Butturini for company. I planned to attack on the uphill section at the mid-point of second lap, but Butturini started to lose contact before that, at around 6km mark. Last 4km seemed to last forever but I slowly increased my lead and managed to win my first national championship title at this distance.


Results (elite men) can be found here.

Next day we had team relay race. This was the first time we had this type of race in Croatia and first time for me to race in such event. Every team is made of 2 woman and 2 man competitors. Each of them has to do 300m swim, 6,5km bike and 1,8km run before next team member takes over and does the same distance. It was a fun event. My team finished 2nd, but the title stayed in the club as we made 2 strong teams.

our team
our team

Results are here

On Sunday I’m racing again. This time European championships at middle distance at Challenge Rimini.


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