Porec triathlon

After a flat tire that forced me to quit Natureman, I wanted to finish the season on a high note at Porec triathlon. I won this race in previous two editions but neither of those two wins came easy. Race served as Croatian and Slovenian championship so the start list was quite respectable.

Photo: 3sporta.com

The race started with one lap swim in Zelena Laguna. Water temperature was quite high for this time of the year (19 C) but still cold enough to make it wetsuit legal race. Swim went better than expected and I exited the water 1 minute behind Jaroslav Kovačić from Slovenia. He was second at European Long Distance Triathlon Championships this year so I had to keep an eye on him.

Photo: 3sporta.com

We rode 4 out and back loops on slightly rolling course. Soon after the start I left my swim companions behind me and found myself in second place. At the first turnaround I was 30-40 seconds down on Kovačić. His lead remained more or less constant in the first 2 loops. Half way through the bike he had some mechanical issues and I took the lead. After sorting out his issues he caught back up to me in the late stage of the bike ride and we entered the transition together.

Photo: 3sporta.com

He had faster transition and it took me 2 kilometers to catch up. I started to slowly pull away, but half way through the run I only had 30 second lead and other guys were not too far behind either. However, I managed to increase my lead in the second part of the run and win the race for the third time in a row. Photo: 3sporta.com

This was my most successful and longest season so far. I had 1 super-sprint, 3 olympic distance, 4 half-ironman distance, 1 ITU long distance and 4 ironman distance races. Now I’m enjoying 2 week break and after that I’ll start with preparations for the next year.



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